What Is A Colocation Server And How Much Does It Cost?

A Colocation server is a web server that is located at a dedicated facility and has powerful resources. Those resources include a cabinet, regulated power, Internet connection, security, and support. The colocation server can help any organisation or company with their existing data. In fact, it deploys data and organises it in the data centre facility. The customer can operate the system on its own from afar by using the server services and applications. On the other hand, the MSP (Managed Service Provider) provides the space as well as the network resources for the customer.

How Much Does A Colocation Server Cost?

So, how much does a colocation server cost? The answer is based on a few factors, such as the rack space, internet, support, and setup. Rack space is the amount of space that the server will occupy at the facility. Most of the time, rack servers take about 1-2Us of space. One unit equals 1.75 inches or 4,45cm. This is one of the main reasons why companies choose to go with colocation servers that are located at some other facilities. Making space is hard for smaller firms, so they’d rather stick to this option at another facility rather than making space on their own.

Other factors defining how much does a Colocation server cost?

The Internet is another factor that will indicate the pricing of your colocation server. Most of the time, having a high bandwidth will be a must if you want your applications to function properly. Another factor is the support. Who will be monitoring the equipment? Colocation is not a self-managing service, and it requires a lot of caring and surveillance. Once you have all of these questions answered, you will be able to put a number on it.

What Is The Average Monthly Price Range?

Once you take all of these factors into consideration, you can calculate your average monthly consumption. On an average, just the rack space itself can come up anywhere starting from $100 to $300 per U per month. This price also includes the IP addresses as well as the pre-set allotment of bandwidths. When it comes to the server monitoring, this can run from $75 up to $400 per month. Implementation can also cost quite a lot, based on the number of servers that you will be bringing to the data centre. These can add up, on a rough estimate, anywhere from $500 to $3,000.

Is Colocation The Way To Go?

There’s quite a bit to consider when you’re looking to colocate your servers, starting from understanding them in depth, to justifying their cost. In case you are a larger firm that is on a lookout for a solution such as this one, colocation could be your way to go. However, if you are an at home blogger, then this might not be the right solution for you, and you might want to stick to Web hosting!